Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Congrats to Michelle and Ben. Here is our photoshoot of baby Drew. He was a champ and let us get all the pictures we wanted. He was the perfect little angel. Alec and Ella were also great sports at Grandma's house hanging with Josh on a "Snow Day". Thanks Grandma and Josh! We so appreciate you. And once again Steve for taking over in a pinch!

NYC girls Trip!

One of my favorite places in the world just became my favoriter. NYC was so much fun thanks to the NYC gang. THANK YOU Diane and Daniel for letting us stay at your place! We were so lucky to have you there for us. And Thanks Kari, Isaac and Stephanie for showing us around town! And with Mama Lois Jean by my side, we figured out how to not die in the process of what we called "having one adventure afer another". We'll leave out all the details as to not incriminate ourselves. Let's just say we had a few near death or near embarrassed to death experiences!

We went on the great cupcake tour of NY while we were there sampling such delights from Tommies, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Buttercup, Magnolia (Of Course) Amy's Bread and Crumbs. I agree with Alicia giving Sugar Sweet Sunshine the prize for overall best cupcake. My fav was the Red Velvet from Amy's Bread however.

Who is missing? Answer: Alicia who took it for Grandma!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where's my Stevie?

Stevie Batman, Stevie, Steve, Steven Will You, my Steve, Alec's Toy. All of him are leaving. What will we do you ask when waiting those last few hours for Brady when Steve is usually entertaining the endless requests of Alec to "tie-it" (Cape fashioned from soft blue blankie by Steve) or do "jumpin' song" for the 32nd time in a row. Who I ask you will chop the onions and offer advice to "just add more butter"? And who I beg you will "hoagie" (hold and hug) Alec when he wakes up crying for an hour after his nap. What, what will we do without "my Stevie". I just don't know. So, Stevie....enjoy the peace and quiet but remember we miss you in more ways than you know! We love you!