Thursday, May 29, 2008


Someone we passed today said "Big brother sock her one?" They seemed a little disgusted when we had to answer yes. Well, it wasn't intentional i suppose as he threw his sippy cup to the floor after he had guzzled down his juice. The thump on poor Ella's skull echoed through the house. OUCH for the second week. Poor baby Ella. Actually, tonight she rug-burned her other eye which is now all red. Watch out Will. Ella's headed in your footsteps!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting it done.

So I can't seem to figure out why I can totally kick it into gear and get so much done when Brady is out of town. I mean, is it that he makes me so weak in the knees that I just can't think straight or maybe I feel I'm counting the minutes till he comes home on his white horse to rescue me from a long day with the babes. Not sure, but I'm telling you. I KICKED some royal kiester today. Let me tell you about my superstar mom agenda. First We cleaned up the house and I washed not only Alec's sheets but my own that were long overdue as well as all 85 towels. After skipping around the house...okay just kidding about the skipping, after pulling some teeth and getting things all cleaned up from breakfast, we headed out the front door, which I'm ashamed to say I've only used about 3 times, and ventured up the "Elegator" to the fourth floor to check out the view. Then we packed lightly and walked down the block to Mother's Market. A little organic market that can either be a gold mine or a cookie gone Seriously WRONG. So we stroll though and see all the OC lunch hour crowd who either freak out at how cute Ella is waving and Saying "Hi" and Alec in his sunglasses that he wears inside and out because he HATES bright lights. Or, they look as if they would kick me out of the store themselves for being in the small isles with my side-by-side stroller. We get out quickly without too many outbursts of singing twinkle little star at the top of Alec's lungs. We head home in time to finish Go Diego Go and make dinner and then off to the park to play and take some pics. Brady, wish you could have been here.

"Check it out Mom!"
Lately Alec yells "Check it out Mom!" It cracks me up. We LOVE living in our place. It's kind of crappy to go back to renting again especially the countertops. BUT, we have a plan. We just rented our townhome and we are SAVING for a house someday down here in Million dollar land. Hopefully the prices will keep falling. So sorry to all those who own down here. I think the bank owns most of the homes down here now. It's really sad. But, hopefully we can capitalize on the market and buy when the buyings good. Plus, we'll really miss the pools, the landscaping and the complete absence of the word yardwork!

Serious business strut.

I really hope it's a snail dad.

Ella had an encounter with the counter.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Road Trip

Aunt Jamie & Uncle Travis were THE BEST to entertain us for four days this weekend. Thanks Brady for having to work in Pheonix!! We had so much fun. She made us pancakes, drove us all over the city and of course humored me by taking me to the ribbon store twice. She even hung out with both of her boys AND Alec at the mall for three hours till we figured out how to get Ella to hold still for her new earings! So cute! And Travis made sure Brady experienced the golf course at least once a day!

Hangin in the backyard!

Here comes trouble! These two were so "Hiwarius" to watch, as Alec says it. They jumped and jumped and jumped and played and played and played. Mostly with Lulu who tried really hard to just go with the 3yr old flow.

We had to totally stage this picture just to get them all in one shot. We were blowing Giant bubbles, feeding the Giant Gold fish, the ducks and we got lucky when a few turtles swam by.