Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Kendall!

I'm so lucky to have three of the BEST sisters ever. My older sister Jamie and her husband Travis had their baby girl yesterday and we are so excited for them. After two cute boys, they get to cross to the pink side!! YAY! We can't wait to meet the sweet little dark haired Kendall. We hope she keeps her grandma Elsie's colored locks!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I didn't hear you pour me some milk mom!!

My mom and I have gotten into a habit of telling Alec stories every few days. And if anyone knows my mom, you know my siblings and I have spent most of our lives sitting on her bed trying to make her laugh. Which isn't hard. Grandma Elsie thinks everything is hilarious. It's hereditary as her aunts used to sit around and laugh themselves silly. My sister Lisa said we all grew up thinking we were comedians...sadly we happen to not be as funny to everyone else. So I thought I'd sit here on my bed and tell a few of the good ones that have made Grandma Elsie laugh the hardest.

1:Everytime I remind Alec to flush I say "I didn't hear a flush!" So yesterday after asking me several times for a glass of milk, he finally came up and said " Mom. I didn't hear you pour me a glass of milk!"

2:Our friend Kari seems to bewilder Alec since she is the only one who gets in his face the way he does everyone else. We mentioned going to Disneyland with her on friday and Alec said "Kari is my friend......she's my sister. She's one of my Babes!" (His nickname for Ella is "Babes".)

3: I was trying to make a cake for some event and Alec decided he was going to help out. He dragged a chair into the kitchen stood on it and said "Mom, take a seat. Take a seat. I got it. Now let's see we gonna do this!"

Of course I can't think of anymore right now so I'll add to this post the next few days. Check back...he's here all week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Terminal Illness

Seriously, I'm STILL SICK. I kid you not, the past months are a blur of dragging kids not only into the pediatrician but to my doctor as well and having everyone say "wow, you sure have your hands full." Hasn't anyone ever seen two kids before? Furthermore, I'm on my second antibiotic and dang it...I'm going back to the doc tomorrow. I'm going to go get my own little ear flashlight thing and my own fingernail file and call myself in some drugs that will cure me. Living in Chicago - Not sick. Living in sunny, beautiful, warm & luscious Southern CA...dying a slow death. I think someone is secretly planting chemical warefare on our deck. Did I mention I've been taking Vicadin for my recent root canal?

Since I have no pictures for this post, I thought I'd post one that makes me laugh instead. But I have to tell the story that goes with. Our preschool group now has 4, but has had 5 WILD and fun boys. One particularly hard Monday, I couldn't gain control for a good 20 minutes. The next day I came up with this beauty of an idea. Check it out. They were SILENT! It was beautiful.

Monday, January 12, 2009


We spent most of the holidays sick due to the family pea-tree dish. But we did have so much fun. We were at the doctor 4 times in one week in Utah for Thanksgiving and from there we've had at least one or ALL of the following. Flu, strep, double ear infection, croupe, ear infection again, croupe again, sinus infection and bad cold, and HUGE, freakishly wierd, oh-so-sore cold sore blister on Alec's thumb. Warning to the healthy and the well, don't venture here! We might be contagious!!!