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Friday, January 11, 2008

December 2007

"We just happen to be in the same colors!" Okay so it's the fam picture gone bad. It's just a snapshot in the freezing cold while the poor lady next door took our picture standing under dripping icicles and in a foot of mud and snow! Thanks lady next door! We all got the flu so our great plans to have Katie take our picture were ruined.

Stephy's wedding
Grandma Elsie & Papa Paul's Christmas

The grandkids. No explanation needed.

Alec kept telling me "Mom these presents are mines!" Except most were not for Alec since we had Christmas a few days before we left for Utah. I wrapped all the candy I could find in the house so he'd be busy unwrapping something! Only it backfired when he brought back all the empty wrappers for me to throw away for him! Note to self....don't be so stupid!

Ella kept cooing and loving her new dollies from aunt Jamie! She loves her new dollies.

Marissa and Mike reading thier new story to Logan. He loves Stories!

The lineup. This year it was youngest to oldest......back of the line Jamie & Mandy!

This was the fateful start of the Diego obsession! Go Diego Go!


Grammy & Grampy's house (We haven't consulted Grandpa yet on that name but we figure it's better than What Alec currently calls him. Crap-aw.) Thanksgiving Dinner, Josh's Eagle
Court of Honor,Girls shoe shopping with Dad, Girls day after thanksgiving shopping, & John & Kandy's.

This is the best picture of 8 grandkids we could get in 20 degree weather...or maybe it was just the 8 little kids that was the problem. Actually everyone was really well behaved until Alec & Ella burst into tears.

Brynna and Alexis were the best little mother's helpers for Ella. Thanks girls!!!

Grammy & Alec. He sure loves his Grammy.

Ella Belles

nicknames: Ellas, Smella, Elles, Bellas,Yella, Bells,Little Miss, Babeez, Elzabub.

alec's favorite:
Ellas mom: Bells dad: Little Miss