Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Baby Ella is Home!

The holiday weekend turned bad when Brady found Ella blue laying on our bed Friday night. We'd just gotten home from catching our own trout for dinner and after 500 tests at the hospital found out that little Ella had choked on her own reflux. Luckily the only thing that took a hit was her liver that quickly recovered and after almost a week in the Ped's Intesive Care we went home with an apnea monitor and no sleep! But, we did have a little fun taking pictures in-between a CT Scan, MRI, EKG, EEG, Spinal Tap, Blood Culture, Urine Culture, Mucus Culture, Urinalysis, 24 PH Study, Apnea Study, Chest X-RAY, Video Swallow, Upper GI and 3 failed IV's. Bless little Ella's heart!