Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet LIttle Apple Pie

Reese's birthday party pics to come. Margaux did a fantastic job of the good-old apple pie, watermelon, hotdogs, cupcakes and gigantic red and yellow balloons, all-american party. Happy Birthday Reese.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch Up.....I mean serious tag here people!

Grammy helped us Pack.
Seriously.......the woman moves like lightning. I know, you're all am I. Thanks Grammy. We love you.

Alec's first soccer game. He rocked the warm-up crew with his sweet moves but come game time.....he lost his steam and kept asking to just go play at the park. Brady finally told him that if he scored a goal, we'd head to the swings. So, slouched over, he sauntered back onto the field, ran over and stole the ball, dribbled to the other end of the field, scored a goal and then immediately hung his head to the side again and walked off the field leaving his team-mates to finish the game solo. Seriously, can you believe this guy?? What a character!

The Crews: Willardsons, Kropfs, Clarks, Ingersols & Armstrongs
I'm pretty sure they are all moving this way soon!!! Come on you guys....please?

Pre-School Year-2
Alec at his new pre-school. This new place has come with it's own set of challenges. It's about 20 minutes away which has meant extra barf bags for poor Ella. Her new best friend is Dramamine!! Pray for Ella. Actually pray for me and Alec. We thank you.

Hangin With the Heningers!

We had a blast up north with our cousins Hannah, Jakie, Jonah, Becca, Uncle Richie and Laurie. Thank you so much for letting us crash. We had so much fun yuckin it up!! This is the only picture I snapped. Apparantly too busy having fun.

Friday, September 11, 2009


1. new walls. Better than I thought.

2. new haircut. Not as good as I thought.

3. new bed. Broken.

4. new sickness. Strep

5. new weight on forbidden scale? Scary.

6. new feeling. Ugghhh.

7. New recipe to make me feel better? Yum. (