Friday, April 25, 2008


Ella is busting out all her cuteness. Her new tricks include:
1. Clucking
2. Waving like princess Di
3. Taking her first few steps
4. Ooooohing at everything
5. Pointing to lights
6. Saying Daddy, Mama, Doddy (Doggy)

And you just gotta love the tiny little wisps of hair. Its all she's got. I spiked them all out today and found a touch of curl. SWEET! It even held a little clip for about 10 minutes. We're making progress little girlie girl!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amazing Artists

I used to drool over a graphic designers site I swear was done by cindy ferguson and blog-surfing tonight I think I've found her again. Isn't she awsome!

Way to go Mom!

Wow, you know when you try really hard to be normal and all that comes out of your mouth is straight stupidity? Oh, don't lie like you don't know what I'm talking about. Please say there are others with at least occasional foot-in-mouth disease. Today I didn't really botch it horribly, I just stood there and looked like an idiot. I can't seem to get anything to come out of my mouth in times like these. Nice person says funny sentence, followed by a giggle and then it's my turn to respond and..........nothing. Not a dang thing comes out of my mouth. Like I've grown up in the middle of nowhere and have never had an actual conversation with another person before. So I sit there you dummy. And something wierd that makes no sense comes awkwardly stunmbling out of my mouth before I can stop myself. I wish I could say this is the worst experience of the kind but there have been worse. For example. Living in Orem with April and a few roomates right after college graduation. (Remember that I now have a college degree here!) I run my rent check up to the nice landlord couple living upstairs. The husband who is several years younger than I am standing at the door says "Oh you haven't met my wife so-and-so." She is embarrassed for being in her pajamas. Now do you ever have like two separate thoughts that try to sneek out at the same time? Stumbling out together and making you seem like you have mental problems? So she kicks in here and I say "Oh don't worry. You should see me in the morning.....oh the stench!" Now as I'm saying this I'm thinking gross breath, morning hair and the word STENCH has to come flying out of my mouth. Of course they look at me like I'm pshychotic and I just hurry and shut the door. So, to all of you who have ever thought I was just you know I just have problems!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The wooden door.

Let me just say that we found the most amazing little secret park in our complex tonight. Grammy and Grandpa Spencer had just left after dinner and we headed out for an evening stroll. I had a flowy skirt on with flip-flops pushing my impossibly-hard-to-turn but otherwise great little side-by-side double stroller around with Alec running along beside having near death experience after another. And as we passed through this unbelievably castle-like wooden door, we see a beautiful little fountain at the end of a palm tree lined courtyard and to our delight was the greatest little park tucked away in a little round nook to the left. I start thinking to myself, we may not want to find a house to buy here. I told this to Brady as we were walking back and he laughed at my silliness and said he was sure I'd like wherever we move next because it's going to be the last. So i guess that means we'll be here for a while. SWEET!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Photo Workshop

Katie from Peekaboo Photos and I went to this super fun photo workshop a few weekends ago. I haven't had more than a second to edit my pics and get them online but here is a preview. I learned a lot and talked Brady into buying a new lens. I love it. Blurs the dickens out of any background I can muster up. When we got to our hotel the first night, the front desk guy says "So, good news is you got THE very last room. Bad news is it has only one queen."