Tuesday, September 9, 2008


If any of you have had the opportunity to hang out with Alec at all, you'd fast notice his large personality bursting from his little three year old body. I have been compiling these stories for way too long now. I just have to share.

Me: Alec, do we push Ella?
Alec: No.
Me: Do we shove Ella?
Alec: No. (A little annoyed)
Me: Do we Karate Chop Ella?
Alec: No, but I don't want Ella anymore....I want a new Ella!

Trying to tide Alec over till we got home from church, we gave him some seriously salt deprived chips from the mexican joint we had the night before.
Alec: Mom. These chips are NOT RIGHT! They are NOT GOOD!

After asking for the 10th time for more fruit snacks and I again said NO. Alec says after a few minutes.
Alec: Mom. I don't want to be big and strong like Steve. I just want to be little. Now can I have some fruit snacks?

I can't remember exactly the situation here so I'm sure you can conjure up something similar.
Alec: You go to your room mom. Right now!
Me: Alec. Only grown-ups get to send people to their rooms.
Alec: Mom! I AM a grown-up. I'm a LITTLE grown-up!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Alec was way more excited to go to our academically souped-up joy school than I ever imagined. He surprised me by not even whimpering when I dropped him off for his first day. The all-boy, all high-energy group seemed to fare well as we found Miss Kristen still in one piece when we came to pick them up. I am in heaven. Thanks Kristen. We owe you big time!


Check out our new monogram cupcakes. I literally had a dream about these about a year ago and finally made them this summer. The cookies take twice as long as the cupcakes, but I think the outcome was totally worth it.