Monday, November 3, 2008


I just had to repost this from my aunt Laurie in Northern CA. She totally nails it.
"I am Yes for Prop 8. No matter how many times you steal my sign, or vandalize it, I will still be yes on 8. Replacing my beautiful yellow sign with your No on 8 sign will not change my mind. Nor will it change the minds of any of my neighbors who you have targeted also. Tiptoeing up to my front door, going behind my planters where I have stored my signs for the night, to steal them will NOT CHANGE MY MIND!!! It is stealing. They are my property, not yours. Did your mom ever teach you not to steal?

You are asking for tolerance. Are you so blinded that you can't see that you are not being honest, true, or tolerant? You are denying my rights to freedom of speech. Are you so afraid of what I might have to say?

It is unclear to me how you could possibly think bullying is OK. That is what you are doing. I do not like it. You are not playing fair.

I want my kids to grow up in a world where a religious ceremony has significance. Real significance. It is different. I want to give them the same world that I had. One where we can be free to speak our minds, vote our conscious, and declare war on evil. One where we can choose what is taught to our impressionable young children. One where parents are not arrested for refusing to allow their kids to be taught about homosexuality in early elementary school. Isn't that what America is based on? FREEDOM?

You can't squash me, or my opinion.

My pretty little yellow Yes on 8 sign has already been replaced.