Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We can finally talk about our big move to California since Brady quit today. And being kind of a freak about any random person knowing too much about our family...thanks to a psycho old boyfriend, I'll give only basic details. This is us at our 4 star hotel thanks to priceline....$90 per night! And our second DEAL was our $15 per day rental car!!! Priceline kicks butt! (Although we got all of our incidentals paid for at the Hyatt Regency because a huge spider ran up my leg in the middle of the night sending me into a screaming fit at 2 am) But as for our temporary living arangements, we found a sweet place that has an attached garage, 4 heated pools, two small playgrounds, and a huge grassy area right outside our patio. We are 20 min from Disneyland, 3 minutes from Brady's work and 5 min from the temple. Is that giving direct coordinates to the psychos who are stalking my block? Anyway, We'll only be there for 6-9 months and then the 50/50 chance of staying or moving to AZ. Please...... let us stay!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Georgia & Ella Valentine

The whole idea was to take Georgia and Ella's pic together, but Ella kept trying this move you see here! More pics to come. Thanks Georgia for letting me use you as our super cute little model!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tara tagged me!

10 years ago today...

Hmmm. Ok so I am so much older than you. 10 years ago I was 20 and at Utah State University. Second year in Graphic Design, living in a house with Melanie Hall and some weird girl who would get drunk off wine coolers in her bedroom with her giant fluffy dog. She was a culinary arts major who would make pans full of lasagna and leave them on the counter never eaten. So...we (My roomates and I) stuck it all in the fridge and had free leftovers whenever we wanted! Sledding and freezing our butts off! I loved it.

5 things on my to-do list today:
Great day to ask!

1. Check train schedule to see if the 10-12 inches of snow will keep Brady in Chicago overnight.
2. Make Cupcakes....pudding in the recipe....MMMMM.
3. Laundry Laundry Laundry...are you serious you finished??? Does that ever happen???
4. Hope I can live for a third night with brady being gone till after the kids are almost in bed.
5. Finish going through my filing cabinet...yet another task never done. But you wouldn't believe what I've just thrown away! Yay!

I enjoy:

Designing or creating anything. Photography has become one of my new passions as well. One of those mom things. Making cute cupcakes and or sugar cookies. Playing with my kids. Can I put in here that I hate cooking??? And talking for hours if I can corner Brady!

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire?

Travel, learn to surf, play golf with Brady since he thinks it's the game of the Gods, decorate a new house any way I like, buy lighting and backdrop equipment, get a new mac pro with an enormous screen, a new cake studio for Jamie and I to make cakes all day....oh the list would be embarrassingly too long so I'll stop here!

3 of my bad habits:

Hmmm. This isn't any fun. Um, I bite my nails sometimes. I love sugar...maybe it's not a habit but more of a hereditary flaw ask uncle rich,or Steve!!. And....i can't think of a third.

5 places I have lived: EASY!!!

1. Miton, Utah
2. Barrington, Illinois
3. Guilbert, Arizona
4. Logan, Utah
5. Orem, Utah

5 jobs that I have had:

1-Sounds Easy Pizza (Burned down while I was working...I got to evacuate the building and my midget friend "little Bec"called 911) not a joke.
2- Tony Romas in Logan
3- Heidi Swapp (never thought I'd be a scrapbooker. I guess I'm still not, but do blogs count?)
4- Flagger on State Street in Orem right after high school. I have way too many funny stories to tell about this one. Does F-chick come to mind?
5- 4Life - all utahn's have to work for a network marketing company at one time or another right?

5 things people don't know about me:

1- I broke both my arms at the same time.
2- All four of my front teeth are fake.
3- I'm nervous in public
4- I hate girls camp
5- I've had my license revoked once and denied once.